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Welcome Students, Advisors, Mentors, Judges, and Guests to our Launch Pad 2021 Final Competition!

~If you are a guest please register for the event at the bottom of this page

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, throughout the year we have had to conduct much of our program virtually and now, we have to opportunity to hold a live virtual competition that will encompass all of the energy and excitement of those in the past. For the competition we will be using Zoom as our main platform, as well as two other web-based platforms “Gatheround” for optional networking, and “Google Forms” for voting. Please see the event schedule and note when we will be using each platform and what we will be doing during each time block.

We will be using the main Zoom room throughout most of the competition, however from 8:15am – 9:30am all attendees will break off and will have two options. Attendees can either…


The entire virtual competition will last from 8:00am – 11:00am, so get ready for an exciting morning! And make sure to stay for our Keynote speaker Eddie Thomason, and final award presentations. Note that this year we will be doing student choice awards, so even if you do not win your room, you will still have the chance at these following awards, determined by popular student vote. (You may not vote for your own)

Best Idea ($100) - What business idea out of all the participating teams do you think is “the best”? Maybe it’s the most viable or most profitable, maybe it has the most potential to promote positive change, or maybe you just like the idea more than all of the others.


Best Logo ($100) - Out of all the company logos for all of the participating teams (found on the tradeshow pages of the website) which did you find to be the most visually stunning and representative of the idea?


Most Relevant ($100) - Which idea out of the participating teams, do you feel is the most relevant to the world today? Maybe it tackles the most pressing issues, like global public health in the pandemic?

Make sure to vote by the end of the voting period.

And lastly, if you are a Guest (meaning you are not a Student, Advisor, Mentor, or Judge) please scroll to the bottom of this page and complete the Guest Registration field.

Thank you, and enjoy the morning

1) Attend our virtual networking component through Gatheround. Meet face to face with business professionals and other students and make meaningful connections. Learn more about other ideas, or other schools. Learn more about business and entrepreneurship. Make connections that could lead to opportunities outside of Launch Pad like internships, and even potential jobs.

2) Watch student presentations. If you choose to watch student presentations you may not have your audio or video on, and you may not disturb the students or the judges in any way. You will be there only as a viewer. If you are a student, you may not attend presentations in your own room, and you must be on time for your own presentation.

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Thank you!

If you are not a Student, Advisor, Mentor, or Judge, and you have not registered previously please register here as a Guest, if you plan to attend the Launch Pad 2021 virtual competition. 

As a guest you must do your absolute best to not disturb or distract during the live virtual event. You may not have your audio, or camera on during any part of the event except during the Gatheround networking component, and you may only use the Zoom chat in the main Zoom room. 

If you have any questions or concerns please email or call/text (607)744-9070

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