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Welcome to the 2021 Launch Pad Competition

Below you'll find materials and information from the Launch Pad 2021 Competition. Note that this will NOT be the same format for the 2022 competition, however it may offer some insight into what the competition may be like. If you have any questions regarding the material please email us at

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, throughout the year we have had to conduct much of our program virtually and, this year we had the opportunity to hold a live virtual competition that encompassed much of the energy and excitement of those prior. We used Zoom as our main platform, as well as two other web-based platforms “Gatheround” for optional networking, and “Google Forms” for voting. 

We used the main Zoom room throughout most of the competition, however from 8:15am – 9:30am all attendees broke off and had two options. Students were required to present there idea to a panel of judges during there given timeslot, but outside of that time slot all attendees could either watch other student presentations or Attend our virtual networking component through Gatheround. This allowed students to make one on one connections with business professionals and other students. Individuals discussed ideas, business opportunities, and gained insight and knowledge.

In their rooms however, students gave a 8-10 minute presentation to room judges, who then selected a sole room winner to advance to the next round. All room winners then had their elevator pitches played in from of all of those in attendance, including all of the judges. Judges then select 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place from that pool of teams (awarding $1500, $750, and $500 prizes respectively). The entire virtual competition lasted from 8:00am – 11:00am, ending with our Keynote speaker Eddie Thomason, and final award presentations. In 2021 we also introduced student choice awards, so even if students did not win their room, they still had the chance at these following awards, determined by popular student vote.

Best Idea ($100) - What business idea out of all the participating teams do you think is “the best”? Maybe it’s the most viable or most profitable, maybe it has the most potential to promote positive change, or maybe you just like the idea more than all of the others.


Best Logo ($100) - Out of all the company logos for all of the participating teams (found on the tradeshow pages of the website) which did you find to be the most visually stunning and representative of the idea?


Most Relevant ($100) - Which idea out of the participating teams, do you feel is the most relevant to the world today? Maybe it tackles the most pressing issues, like global public health in the pandemic?

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