This program is an annual competition to help motivate students to be bold and turn their ideas and passions into a reality – and it can’t be done without your help. You have the chance to bring opportunities for scholarships, internships, networking, etc to your students, and more importantly students will also learn and develop a variety of skills that are essential for the current job market. We are excited to bring these opportunities to your students, but we need your help! 


If you want to participate, whether you're a veteran advisor or a newcomer, get yourself registered using the form on this page. In January, you’ll receive more information, a Starter Kit and launch material.

(If you know any students who are interested in participating, but aren’t in your class/club, encourage them to sign up!


More to Come!

The team is currently updating the program overview for 2023. Stay tuned! (it will look similar to 2022!)

Advisor Registration
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