Business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs can give back to the community by becoming a Launch Pad mentor to students who are determined to make a difference. The students participating in the program are some of the most motivated and creative young minds in New York and will look to their mentors to impart real-life experiences that’ll help reshape their views on what a career can be.

Our goal is to provide the students who participate in Launch Pad with the best resources and business mentors. This year, our primary focus for Launch Pad is idea generation. Launch Pad mentors should work with their students to generate innovative ideas, as well as assistance developing strong business plans and presentation skills via active listening and honest feedback.

Mentors are typically assigned per class/club in a particular district and should meet with their student groups in person or virtually for 30-minute sessions for the months leading up to the final competition. Mentors are encouraged to be available to answer questions via phone and email as well. Meeting recommendations are provided below: 

  • December: 1x/month per team (if you and your students signed up early!)

  • January - March: 2x/month per team

  • April - May: 1x/week per team

Mentors are expected to abide by the requirements and codes of conduct outlined by the school district they are working within. Clear communication with advisors to determine rules for emailing, copying, digital communications, phone/texting with students, etc. is critical.


Mentors are encouraged to use GBEOP, Launch Pad and personal resources to facilitate groundbreaking idea generation with students.



Business mentorship is just another way that Launch Pad is changing the world one idea at a time, and we invite you to be a part of the adventure. This is not only an opportunity to invest in your community’s future leaders, but also to scout up-and-coming talent for possible employment and internships!


Apply today and be on the lookout for confirmation and school placement. You'll receive more information, a Starter Kit and launch material in January.

(If you know any eligible students who are interested in participating, but aren’t in a class/club, encourage them to sign up as an “independent”. This is a new way to participate this year!)


Showcase your students and the work you’re doing together! We’ll be using video and photos on our social media to stay connected and highlight the incredible work of our participants. Email anything you’re willing to share, along with a media consent form, to and let us show the community how amazing your students are and the impact you’re having!

Mentor Application
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Thank you for your application! We will be in touch soon!