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Launch Pad Students, if you have already registered yourself for the Launch Pad 2022 competition, please submit a project/idea registration by April 22, with only one registration necessary per team. This will include your team members (if any) and your business idea. If your team members change or you pivot your idea at any point throughout the competition, you must submit an updated project registration. Each business idea must be entered under one of the five following categories.


  • Goods: A product or tangible item that gives value to consumers. (ex: food, clothing, toys, furniture, toothpaste)

  • Services: An action done to satisfy consumers’ needs. (ex: education, event planning, movie theater, cleaning)

  • Apps: An application, downloaded by a user to a mobile device (ex: Twitter, Angry Birds, Quickbooks, Quizlet)

  • STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (ex: stem-cell therapy, pharmacy, VR, IBM, robotics)

  • Social Entrepreneurship: Solutions to social, cultural, environmental issues (ex: dog shelter, doctors without borders, biodegradable plastic)



2023 projects are due on the 17th of May

The Program will be on the 23rd at SUNY Brpp,e

Project Registration

One submission necessary per team.

Thank you for registering your project into the Launch Pad Competition!

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