Request Funds

All participating teams are allowed to request funds for use in the Launch Pad competition. Funds can be used for prototype materials, tradeshow materials, marketing materials etc. Each team is allotted $100 miximum to use, dispersed via $50 gift cards. 

Note that all teams must submit their business ideas via the project registration linked below before they are allowed to request funds. Once submitted it may take up to 10 business days to receive funds.

Please follow all instructions below. These funds must be used solely for the Launch Pad competition, and all remaining funds must be returned after the competition. 

When You Receive Your Funds

  • Please keep all contents found within the gift card envelope.

  • Please make a copy of the front and back of the gift card and place the copy in the envelope. (In the event the card is lost, it will allow us to get a new card issued.) Store all receipts spent towards Launch Pad and label them by team.

  • Upon completion of purchases, please return all receipts, the original gift card and insert (whether funds are available or not) to Michael Herceg or Modern Marketing Concepts at 29 Industrial Park Drive, Binghamton, NY 13904, ATTN: Becky Bendert 

Request Funds
Have you submitted your project idea?
Have you read the rules and conditions of using the funds and do you agree to adhear to them?

Your request has been received! Our team will be in touch shortly with details on when you should receive your funds.