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Group C - Judges (Tim Burford & Travis Hayes )

Fashion Famous (C - 8:30-8:45)

Johnson City - Audrey Horton

Fashion Famous.JPG

Our company is an app that helps consumers put together outfits online, so that they do not have to go from store to store to find every piece of clothing that they need. We have fashion consultants on hand to help those that are inexperienced with putting outfits together. Everyone needs to find a perfect outfit for a certain occasion or just to wear, which is why we have our style quiz to help consumers find their right style. Get ready to dress, and impress!

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Cadence Collaborations (C - 8:45-9:00)

Johnson City - Cadence Lux


The intent of this app is to bring smaller musicians on rise to new listeners, producers, band members or even graphic designers to find those with a smaller following. Apps like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and other mainstream music streaming don't really target smaller creators easily, making it harder for them to put out music for the world to see. It would create opportunities for new streams and to get musicians to collaborate with new individuals that could help them through their career!

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Onsite (C - 9:00-9:15)

Maine Endwell - Marleigh Demilio, Sacora Salmon

*Group Winner - $100


An app on your phone to locate and give direction to the nearest bathroom

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Nexus Find (C - 9:15-9:30)

Maine Endwell - Cameron Edwards

Nexus Find.JPG

my business is to help people who cant find things fast like there wallet car keys and anything your usually forget when you download our app you will be able to order or pack of 6 or 12 stickers that you can put on the things you usually forget or cant find

Group D - Judges (Joe Kolba & Dan Christoffersen)

DressShare (D - 8:15-8:30)

Seton - Valerie Crowley

*Group Winner - $100


DressShare is a dress and formal wear sharing app. DressShare is a peer-to-peer dress rental app. People will have a profile on the app where they can list their dresses. Other individuals can create an account where they can browse different dress listings in their area. The two individuals will coordinate a meeting time and location or arrange to ship. Users will be limited to the dress listings from their area. Each town will partner with a dry cleaner so the fee is the same every time. You can follow people you know on the app and there will be a calendar to show the days the dress is available.

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Fast Track (D - 8:30-8:45)

Maine Endwell - Nathan Asfoury, Noah Cole, Billy Dundon

Fast Track.JPG

Our company is a sports tracking device, that allows you to improve your game play and discover the analytics of the ball.

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Mouseless (D - 8:45-9:00)

 BOCES New Visions - Peyton Broderick, Matteo Michitti, Carter Ruhm


For our company, we decided to go a more modern route and come up with an idea for an app that lets you use your phone as a mouse for any computer/laptop with just an app. This would be useful for anyone if they wanted a wireless alternative to having a mouse and it would come into use especially in public places with no desk to place a mouse down on to. We chose an app rather than a physical product because an app can be constantly updated and we would not need many additional costs. We also think that we could pair our app with an accessory for cellphones, which would be a case that allows your phone to slide on surfaces easier.

SDriving (D - 9:00-9:15)

Johnson City - Caleb Taylor, Keller Springfield, Sydney Majewski, Jayme Mireider


something that alerts other drivers with the app and tells nearby officers to come escort you when in danger

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