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Here are some samples from previous years!

Swingers (D - 9:00-9:20)

Johnson City - Nicholas Kabat, Jacob Taylor, Dominic Fouquet, Justin Polednak

Swingers Logo.JPG

This app will provide golfers opportunities to play with someone else when none of your friends or family members are available to play a round of golf.

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Express Fit (D - 9:25-9:45)

Maine Endwell - Vincenzo Terenzi and Carter Olsen

Express Fit Logo.JPG

Express Fit is a nutrition and fitness app that will help you become the best version of yourself. It will help you, based on your demographics, lose or gain weight through tracking micros and macros and offering you a tailored workout.

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Listen N' Learn (D - 9:50-10:10)

Union Endicott - Jude Abbadessa, Joe Kliment, Rocco Spinelli

Listen & Learn Logo.JPG

87% percent of students said they listen to music while doing homework. Listen n' Learn is an app that will transfer a lesson or lecture into a song/rap within minutes! These will be shared and saved on the app, so all students can go onto our music library. You can be a creator and help the community or a user and learn from the community. Particularly, teenager's and college students who love music. If songs can be sung word for word, school work can be learned word for word.

Group E - Room BB219 Judges (Sumantra Sarkar & Clay Himmelberger)

FoodSnap (E - 9:00-9:20)

Union Endicott - Ella Nixon

Food Snap Logo.JPG

FoodSnap is a grocery scanner at your fingertips. The app will conveniently scan your groceries at a high speed and connect them to our app, creating meals for you and your family based on what groceries you have in your kitchen. FoodSnap will make planning meals for your family a breeze, while including different cultured foods, avoiding allergens, and accommodate to you and your family’s taste.

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My Path (E - 9:25-9:45)

Windsor - Jillian Barnes

My Path Logo.JPG

My Path is an educational app designed for high school students. It would allow for users to organize and rank their potential college admissions choices. It would consist of a personalized list that would keep track of which schools a potential user is interested in, and would also permit areas of additional information. Students would then be able to answer a short generated survey that would rank their list of potential colleges based on personal preference. My Path is designed to centralize college admission information, and to simplify the overall process of committing to the collegiate lifestyle after high school.

Hungree (E - 9:50-10:10)

BOCES New Vision - Cody Luckey, Justin Wardell, Olivia Muse, Caidence Ryder

Hungree Logo.JPG

Our idea is to create an app for individuals with dietary restrictions to find restaurants in the area to fit their alternative needs. Due to the common problem of people with niche diets struggling to find a place to eat, this app will create opportunities for both customers and business owners. However, this app is not limited to those with select diets. Anyone looking for new, local restaurants can use filters to determine the proximity, type of food, and individual menus while accessing reviews from other users. Creating this app supports restaurants' recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic by encouraging people to eat locally.

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