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Here are some samples from previous years!

FD Padlock (H - 9:00-9:20)

Maine Endwell - Samuel Mancini and Isaiah Benjamin

PadLock Logo.JPG

FD Padlock adds an extra layer of security and ease to your padlocks with fingerprint access.

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Femine Futive (H - 9:25-9:45)

Union Endicott - Nadia Murphy

Femine F Logo.JPG

A product for women living alone that helps relieve the nervousness and anxiety. This product will help deter criminals from wanting to enter their property and make it seem as though another person is living with them.

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Lifting Lofts (H - 9:50-10:10)

Maine Endwell - Lauren Egan and Kaylee Fiedler

Lifting Lofts Logo.JPG

Lifting Lofts is a storage setup that will help those with disabilities, older in age or who are in small housing.

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JamPacks (H - 10:15-10:35)

BOCES New Visions Calista Ford, Grace Beattie, Adriana DiCosimo

JamPacks Logo.JPG

Our idea revolves around the conflict of having to carry a lunch box and a backpack separately around school. While it may seem like a miniscule problem to some, many students have stated the annoyance of having to carry around their food all day, in addition to the embarrassment of still carrying around a lunchbox at higher grade levels. Our solution is to combine a backpack and lunch box into one cohesive item, eliminating the hassle of carrying around two separate items at all times, during the school day. The goal we want to achieve is manufacturing unique and visually stimulating designs and prints.

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QuickBait (H - 10:40-11:00)

Johnson City - Alexus Snyder

Quick Bait Logo.JPG

A vending machine that has a variety of fishing lures and different size hooks along with different pound test (line) to be available at different prices in a large variety which would be located in close to ponds and lakes in a secure location so fishermen don’t have to travel back into town to a large retail store.

Group I - Room BB232 Judges (Minjong Jun, Brendan O'Bryan & Kenny Mulligan)

Super Sleeve (I - 9:00-9:20)

Union Endicott Kassidy English

Super Sleeve Logo.JPG

Super Sleeve is a product designed to soak up all of the condensation on cold drink cups of all sizes.

Comfy Case (I - 9:25-9:45)

Maine Endwell - Corey Sulger and Connor McSorley

Comfy Case Logo.JPG

Comfy Case allows you to adjust your pillow temperature to your ideal temperature for the best night of sleep you will experience!

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UnRepunzel (I - 9:50-10:10)

Union Endicott -  Karen Luong

UnRepunzeled Logo.JPG

UnRepunzel is an individual flexible tube; these products are innovative, and effective jewelry organizers that will protect jewelry from wear and tear, and most importantly, prevent jewelry from becoming tangled.

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Wire Holds (I - 10:15-10:35)

Maine Endwell - Dylan Swinarski

Wire Holders Logo.JPG

Wire Holds allows for an easy way to keep all those pesky cords associated with devices more organized.

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Fugan (I - 10:40-11:00)

BOCES New Visions  Shamoy Dixon

Fugan Logo.JPG

For my Launch Pad business idea, I would like to do a Vegan fast food restaurant in Broome County. There are Vegan options around Broome County such as Parlor City Vegan, and Whole In The Wall but, there aren’t any Vegan fast food options in the area. Having a Vegan fast food restaurant, would allow not just vegans but anyone else with dietary restrictions such as gluten free, keto, etc. to partake in the foods they love in a timely manner. The restaurant wouldn’t be for just vegans, it gives people who enjoy food and exploring food options the chance to try something new. With Broome County being a college town and more college students becoming health conscious, switching to plant based, organic, fresh foods diets, this idea would be very successful in this area.

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Group J - Room CAM205 Judges (Ron Crawford & Jocelyn Bailey)

Chalk B' Gone (J - 9:25-9:45)

Union Endicott - Demetri Diamantakos, Matthew Urda, Tyler Zimmerman

Chalk B Gone Logo.JPG

Chalk B’ Gone is the ultimate chalkboard eraser. Not only does it wipe the dirty chalk away, but cleans and dries the chalkboard at the same time. With a lightweight sponge on the outside, cleaning the chalkboard comes with ease. At the same time, a squeegee will be going to work at drying the chalkboard while you’re cleaning the chalkboard. In just about a minute your chalkboard will be in great condition.

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Smart Sole (J - 9:50-10:10)

Maine Endwell  Joseph Beatty and Josh Balmer

Smart Sole Logo.JPG

Smart Sole allows you to, through the use of an app, adjust the sole in your shoe. This will allow you assist you if you are newly injured, suffering from a nagging injury, feeling the effects of getting older or poor foot, ankle, knee, hip or back structure since your feet can affect each and every one of those things.

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Fore No More (J - 10:15-10:35)

Union Endicott - Adam Hirst, Jacob Kupiec, Owen Hoyt

Fore No More Logo.JPG

If you golf, and you're anything like me, then hitting the ball straight doesn't happen often. For many golfers one of the biggest problems and biggest expenses is losing golf balls on the course. With so many different places to lose a ball, keeping the same ball for an entire round is much easier said than done. Fore No More is a golf ball that will give an updated location on your ball no matter where it goes on the course. Our product will make losing golf balls a thing of the past.

contact email -

MultiPurpose Charging Case (J - 10:40-11:00)

Maine Endwell  Haddi Smith

Mulit Charging Case Logo.JPG

Multicharging case allows you to keep your batteries charged and the personal items you often carry in your phone case sorted.

contact email -

Group K - ROOM CAM201 Judges (Patrick Doyle, Kathryn Kellam)

Instant Ice (K - 9:00-9:20)

Maine Endwell - Harper Fleming

Instant Ice.JPG

Instant Ice allows you to have access to ice no matter where you are or what the temperature is.

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Maskin (K - 9:25-9:45)

Binghamton  Rachel Robinson & Paige Kopolow

Maskin Logo.JPG

Our business targets anyone with breakouts from masks by giving them a mask to help their skin but also protect against COVID 19. If masks have caused your face to breakout, Maskin will provide you with a mask and essential oils which will go in your mask to help your skin. Additional info: Solution? Our business provides clear skin, comfort for your face and body through aromatherapy. Uniqueness? Our masks provide the only aromatherapy and skin enhancing COVID products on the market.

FlameOut. (K - 9:50-10:10)

Union Endicott - Michael Galecki

Flame Out.JPG

FlameOut. is a candle cover in which you will be able to control from an app. This product will reduce housefires across the country.

Critter Cleaner (K - 10:15-10:35)

Maine Endwell  Savannah Mahar and Olivia Dellapenna

Critter Cleaner.JPG

Critter Cleaner is specially designed to be a quiet vacuum for pet cages and to help those who have sensory issues with loud noises.

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Queer Here (K - 10:40-11:00)

Union Endicott - Jeremy Kabanek

Queer Here Logo.JPG

A website that organizes and sorts the records of LGBTQ+ history in an easy and accessible way, that is easy on the eyes of the reader. to educate them about the past of the community, and its long and covered-up colorfully history. We will also sell pride gear as well, and with the gear, a small card randomly chosen will be included, and on the card will be a small fact or tidbit of the history, of a person, place, time, object, or movement that was an important part of the LGBTQ movement.

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Group L - ROOM CAM207 Judges (Biying Yang & Nicole Ladouceur)

Zen Athletics (L - 9:00-9:20)

Union Endicott - Kristian Oliver

Zen Athletes Logo.JPG

Zen Athletics is a headband made to absorb the sweat you produce when but remain dry as you're exercising. This is to avoid sweat going down your face and making your head/ face uncomfortable.

Smart Wallet (L - 9:25-9:45)

Maine Endwell - Bryan Cook and Aidan McBride

Smart Wallet Logo.JPG

Smart Wallet allows you to be able to not only find your wallet if you lose it, but also lock it if it is out of your possession.

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Berry (L - 9:50-10:10)

Susquehanna Valley Logan Everson and Joshua Stewart

Berry Logo.JPG

A cord system with interchangeable male and female adapters to create customized cable interfaces for everyday electronics.

contact email -

Hyper Swyper (L - 10:15-10:35)

Union Endicott - Luke McMahon, Carson Leombrone

Hyper Sweeper Logo.JPG

Good morning everyone! Have you ever woken up in the morning, got ready to leave, gone out to your car, and oh no! your car is covered with snow, ice or frost. You’re running late and now you have to clean off your car. This takes time, effort, and it's cold outside. What if there was a solution, introducing our product the Hyper Swyper. The Hyper Swyper is a revolutionary side window wiper that will clean off your windows, making it safer while you drive. By simply pressing a button you can rid your side windows of hazardous distractions. This also reduces the amount of time, and effort that it takes to clean them off yourself.. This product will make it easier for anybody in the north who drives to work or school early in the morning. Especially if they have a car.

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Perfect Temp (L - 10:40-11:00)

Maine Endwell Aiden Tebo

Perfect Temp Logo.JPG

Perfect Temp allows you to always have your drink at the ideal temperature even if you have left it unattended for hours!

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