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Group G - Judges (Patrick Dickerson & Laura Knochen-Davis)

Stop and Swab (G - 8:15-8:30)

Maine Endwell - Jaiden Fisher, Joseph Janik

Stop and Swab.JPG

Do you have diabetes but don’t like to prick yourself with a needle? We have got a brand new product where all you do is swab your cheek to get salva so then you can put it into your machine to get your blood sugar levels. It is easy and simple and it will not take more than 5 minutes. And if you do it more than once a day then this could be the product for you because it is painless.

Snugsleeper (G - 8:30-8:45)

Maine Endwell - Dominic Lamoreaux


Snug Sleeper is the only heated pillow case in the nation that will read and react to your temperature. It also provides timely news of industry trends, service product reviews and consumer product service. Snug Sleeper will be starting off as just a heated pillow case, but we are hopeful that it can expand to other bedding items.

Culinary Crate (G - 8:45-9:00)

Seton Catholic Central - Keyahn Sethi

Culinary Crate.JPG

My business is a meal kit service that strives to offer a lot of different options for all customers with an educational background.

Consumer Cleanliness (G - 9:00-9:15)

Sidney Daniel Calkins, Chris Prentice

Consumer Cleanliness.JPG

Consumer Cleanliness is introducing a business-oriented UV-sanitizing belt in response to increased market demand for sanitization devices. Our belt can be used in warehouse settings to sanitize material and products as they are moved for assembly or shipping.

Sammy's ice cream and Italian ice (G - 9:15-9:30)

Johnson City - Ben Shattuck

I will open up a local family owned ice cream shop with the best prices and great tasting products. We also want to make my customers happy and making sure they enjoy their time while they are there.

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Group H - Judges (John Hunt & Inessa Raytenberg)

Perfetta (H - 8:15-8:30)

Binghamton Isabella DeVincentis, Rachel Robinson

Perfetta - Rachel Robinson & Isabella De

Our business targets dancers by helping them with their foot problems and giving them a better choice of insoles for their dance pointe shoes. They come in different colors and sizes at a competitive price point. Headquarters to be located in Binghamton NY.

The Cover (H - 8:30-8:45)

Windsor - Grace Beattie

The Cover.JPG

The Cover is designed for athletes who want to reduce the care needed for their sneakers to keep them from wearing down. It effectively protects the traction on the bottom from being damaged.

Defense Dummy (H - 9:00-9:15)

Seton Catholic Central  Ian Phillips

Defense Dummy.JPG

Defensive lacrosse training has slowly begun to catch up to the offense but had been left as an afterthought. I plan to create a dummy that can help defensive players work on their checks and positioning. the dummy will have moveable stiff joints that can be positioned in various ways so that it can mimic the stick positioning of an offensive player.

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Temperature Control Mug (H - 9:15-9:30)

Maine Endwell - Kenzie Murray, Emily Leniek

Temp conetrolled mug.JPG

Our product is a mug that allows you to control the temperature. The mug will heat and keep your beverage warm for long periods of time.

Group I - Judges (John Hussar & Jocelyn Bailey)

A&M Engineering (I - 8:15-8:30)

Sidney  Adrienne Paternoster, Meghan Worden


A&M Engineering is bringing “Germ Free Flyers” to market in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Airlines can purchase these anti microbial tray table covers to distribute to passengers in an effort to reduce the spread of transmissible diseases.

Cari-fusion (I - 8:45-9:00)

Binghamton - Shamoy Dixon


It is a causal restaurant that sells Caribbean food fused with soul food to create a new culture experience while combining different cultural foods.

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Foggless Eyewear (I - 9:00-9:15)

Maine Endwell  Garrett Ellis

foggless eyewear.JPG

It is a built in anti fog device that interacts with the temperature and environment that you are in to decrease or increase the temperature of the product so the eyewear does not fog or build up is a wire that goes around the frame of the eye wear and is operated by a battery, the wire also has solar panel technology to recharge the battery .

A & D's juice box (H - 9:15-9:30)

Johnson City - Anthony Thompson, Danny Gallagher II

A&D's Juice box.JPG

A & D's juice is going to be a healthy alternative juice compared to other juices and also we want to impalement pre and post workout drinks our goal is to be able to compete with Gatorade, body armor etc.

Group J - Judges (Lorne Brooks, Rick Haddock, Rob Salamida )

WakeLight (J - 8:15-8:30)

Johnson City  Muaz Azam


A wake up alarm that utilizes LED Lightstrips with ambient lighting to help sleep and grogginess.

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NaturOil (J - 8:30-8:45)

Binghamton - Maddie Kozel & Andin Chanecka


Our business targets anyone with sleep problems by giving them a choice of convenient essential oil packs which can be used with their existing pillows. NaturOil packs will help them fall asleep faster, stay asleep and sleep longer depending on their fragrance of choice. Headquarters to be located in Broome County NY.

Advanced Vision (J - 8:45-9:00)

Maine Endwell  Michael Mancini, Brody Raleigh, Conner Rush, James Fellows

Advance vision.JPG

Have you ever been trying to put your contacts in and you drop your contact while in a rush, or even forgot to take it out? If so, we have the solution for you. Our product offers a safer and easy way to wear contacts. Instead of struggling and stabbing at your eye, or dropping a contact on the dirty floor, all you do is put a drop in your eye. The best part is you don't have to worry about taking them out after a long day, they dissolve after 18 hours.

Speedy Spiedies (J - 9:00-9:15)

Johnson City - Tyler Kabat, Christian Ingram, Steven Weiss


A spiedie food truck, being that spiedies are only popular around here in the southern tier the market for them is available anyplace else. A food truck is what were going with because a place with a lot of foot traffic will have a lot of interested customers who have never heard of spiedies. We also plan on putting other food on the menu but spiedies is the product we are trying to sell.

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