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Group E - Judges (Greg Rollo & Bruce Barse)

La Togue Meal Service (E - 8:15-8:30)

BOCES New Visions - Malcolm Johnson, Alexia Michitti, Barbara Hill,

Kate Salamida

*Best Logo & Group Winner - $200

La Togue Meal Service.JPG

The organization is designed to provide convenience-based meal service in gyms. The meals are designed to be healthy and they are prepared fresh and then delivered to be picked up at members' leisure. We also worked to use only sustainable packaging for all of the meals as well as providing meals for vegetarian, vegan, Halal, and Kosher individuals.

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People Care (E - 8:30-8:45)

Seton Catholic Central - Ethan Morales

People Care.JPG

We are a company with a similar idea to Uber, except with care. We offer certified nannies to families that require extra help watching their kids. We also offer on the spot options for childcare, where if you have something come up last minute you can get a last minute certified nanny. We also offer services for elderly peoples. If you have an older parent or relative and want to keep them out of a nursing home but need help with them then we have the services for you!

Aerial’s Party and Event Planning (E - 8:45-9:00)

Johnson City - Aerial Walls

My business is a combination between three different things. Photography, event/party planning, and gift baskets. The main part of the business is the event planning and the photography is what goes with it. The gift baskets are optional and will be part of a package deal if the customers would like it.

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OBC Boxing (E - 9:00-9:15)

Maine Endwell - Ethan Sadler

OBC Boxing.JPG

My Business is a online boxing gym that connects the user with a trainer of their choosing. They will receive lessons from the train via zoom.

Escape Extravaganza (E - 9:15-9:30)

Johnson City - Madeline Akulis


My business brings the escape room excitement to the safety and security of your homes.

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Group F - Judges (Paul Suarez & Ewelina Zajac-Holdrege)

Cerepro (F - 8:15-8:30)

Maine Endwell - Ryan McLean


The Cerebral Rerouting Chip will be programmed to take a small level of Neutrons from all of the other Lobes to provide enough functionality to the affected part of the Cerebral Lobe to operate at its intended potential.

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Last Shot League (F - 8:30-8:45)

Johnson City - Josh Garrison, Jaden Cary

Last Shot League.JPG

A basketball league for seniors in high school to give players a second chance to gain exposure for themselves

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Building Blocks (F - 8:45:9:00)

Maine Endwell - Connor Miller, Nolan Erney, Liston Walters, Ryan Lynch

Building Blocks.JPG

A daycare with a trampoline park, but not any type of daycare there would be a building right next to the daycare, a indoor playground with trampolines, foam pits, monkey bars. We would also have a separate Jungle gym if the kids want to do something else. This daycare is different from any other daycare because we have more activities to do.

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Serene (F - 9:00-9:15)

Windsor - Giovanna Bucciarelli

*Group Winner - $100


To eliminate the amount of stress and/or anxiety that an individual might feel and provide them with an outlet through sounds and an online app phycologist and/or therapist.

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