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Here are some samples from previous years!

Quick Auto Marketplace (F - 9:00-9:20)

Maine Endwell - Nathan Holecek

Quick Auto Market Place Logo.JPG

Quick Auto Marketplace targets those who are buying a car for the first time with an app that gives you a complete picture of the car. All records and inside and outside pictures are included. It also will connect you with lenders who are suited to assist those with little to no credit history and are younger in age.

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SpaTaneous (F - 9:25-9:45)

BOCES New Visions - Hailey O’Donnell, Ruby Ede, Ava Carlin

Spa-Taneous Logo.JPG

SPA-taneous is an all female owned company by Ava Carlin, Ruby Ede, and Hailey O’Donnell. SPA-taneous is a beauty service founded in early February 2022 and located in Broome County, New York. We chose this location based on the elderly demographics of the population, and considering the recent circumstances worldwide, COVID-19. Our company’s mission is to make people feel beautiful in the comfort of their own home. SPA-taneous offers a variety of services for men and women including hairdressing, nail assistance, waxing, and facials. We can be involved in the nursing homes, assisted living, rehabilitation centers, or places where people struggle to leave or move. SPA-taneous would improve the mental health of those in our community.

Make and Bake (F - 9:50-10:10)

Greene - Adam Blanchard, Jade Gilmore, Israel Sepulveda-Kiefer

Make & Bake Logo.JPG

At Make and Bake, we will not only offer certain baked goods such as cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and so on, but we will offer a service where we teach interested consumers about how to make their own baked goods at home with our baking classes, and to tie into this we also sell baking supplies with our own branding.

Dine Time (F - 10:15-10:35)

Johnson City - Ethan Sadler

Dine Time is an online service that will provide families with a time efficient way to dine together where they can spend quality time with each other. This service will allow families the ability to arrange a meal time that is convenient for their schedule. Ultimately, this service will provide families with the opportunity to spend more quality time together.

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Group G - Room BB204 Judges (Paul Suarez & Stephen Donnelly)

Ciao Bellas (G - 9:00-9:20)

Johnson City - Maddy Garey and Mackenzie Emmons

Having a nice Italian meal doesn't have to take an hour or even half an hour. Our restaurant is a quick service pasta bar. Its going to revolutionize Italian food the way Panera and Moes has changed the game in their market. We will have a variety of pastas, sauces, meats that will be available in less than 7 minutes from the time they walk through the door.

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Apache Airsoft (G - 9:25-9:45)

Union Endicott - Dominik Rittenhouse

Apache Air Logo.JPG

Apache Airsoft will be an airsoft retail store, located right on the PA/NY border in Brackney PA. We will sell a large variety of high quality airsoft equipment and supplies to an area that has no easy way to obtain this airsoft gear. With little to no competition, we will have access to a completely untapped market.

Packletes (G - 9:50-10:10)

Maine Endwell - Josh Kollar and Logan Ciganek

Packlets Logo.JPG

Packletes is a way to get the exact sports equipment and other sports related items to high school or collegiate athletes. We will offer new and repurposed equipment tailored to each teams specific needs.

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Hole in the Wall Golf (G - 10:15-10:35)

Johnson City - Zachary Hammond and Klayton Barnhart

Hole in the wall Logo.JPG

Indoor golf simulators with a bar/food similar to top golf where we sell not only golf simulation but an atmosphere as well.

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Kloras' Salon (G - 10:40-11:00)

Binghamton - Kiara Jorge & Chloe Iannuzzi

Kloras Salon Logo.JPG

Kloras’ Salon produces a wide range of hair services including hair cutting, coloring, styling, braiding, and many more. Kloras' main goal is to make every client feel beautiful and confident when walking out of our salon. The founders, Chloe Iannuzzi and Kiara Jorge are able to provide hair products and services specific to our clients hair types. Our salon also provides an app where our clients are able to see what they would look like with different hair colors and styles before coming to their appointment.

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