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Social Entrepreneurship Category

Here are some samples from previous years!

Citizen (A - 9:00-9:20)

Union Endicott - Daniel Gayle

Citizen Logo.JPG

A community center to help immigrants adjust to the United States and help combat the effects of culture shock.

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Lice Lift (A - 9:25-9:45)

Greene - Madelynn Cummings and Ella Gaylord

Lice Lift Logo.JPG

Lice Lift is a head lice treatment and prevention clinic. At Life Lift we will offer lice removal services, natural and chemical shampoos, medicated solutions, at-home lice removal support and resources, and preventive supplies. We will also collaborate with local school districts to offer our services when there are outbreaks. We hope to destigmatize head lice and end the taboo surrounding it. We will advertise to parents and guardians of young children.

Care Mate (A - 9:50-10:10)

Union Endicott -  Chelsea Holmes and Karisma Eduoard

Care Mate Logo.JPG

Care Mate is a care package service where you can customize a care package and send it to underprivileged countries. This care package is affordable for you and beneficial to those in need.

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Group B - Room BB209, Judges (Joey Tsai & Liu Huanxin)

The Last Straw! (B - 9:00-9:20)

BOCES New Visions -  Isabella Gimmarino, Sarah Young, Ava Spottek

The Last Straw Logo.JPG

Our social entrepreneurship venture is called The Last Straw!—a company with the goal to encourage sustainability by providing branded stainless steel straws for local restaurants and community members. 500 million plastic straws are used and discarded each day, which land in the oceans and harm wildlife. In addition, 2.5 million dollars per day is thrown down the drain with these single-use utensils. Reusable metal straws solve these problems with their durability and sustainability. The addition of branding to these products aids the overhead cost of purchasing, and provides one-of-a-kind advertising. Eliminating plastic straws in the restaurant industry will have an incredibly positive impact on the environment and push the world one step closer to environmental sustainability.

Arya (B - 9:25-9:45)

Union Endicott -  Hannah Bilek, Pauline Catajan

Arya Logo.JPG

Arya is an eco-friendly alternative to the typical balloon. Now when people have celebrations or memorials there will be a safer option for our planet.

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Think Outside The Box (B - 10:15-10:35)

Union Endicott - Nicalena Ferraro

Think Outside Box Logo.JPG

Think Outside the Box is a ecofriendly packaging material company. We make recycled boxes out of food waste and other plant waste. Out goal is to reduce the amount of food waste while also reduced the amount of cardboard and plastic that is used to ship goods.

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