Social Entrepreneurship Category

Group A - Judges (Eric Krohn & Ron Crawford )

BioWare (A - 8:15-8:30)

Maine Endwell - Anthony Blake, Emily Blight, Patrick George


BioWare is planning on releasing biodegradable silverware that will help to keep our environment happy and healthy. It is made of an eco friendly corn based resin that will decompose when thrown in the trash. A box of the silverware will hold around 80 forks, 80 spoons, and 80 knives. We plan on the cost being roughly $32.00 per box in hopes that companies will be willing to pay more in order to say they are helping the environment.

Residential Revolution (A - 8:30-8:45)

Sidney -  JonMarick Crawford, Ethan Moodley

Residential Revolution.JPG

Residential Revolution aspires to create better housing for those in need, especially in South Africa, by releasing an affordable, interlocking building brick for residents to build their own shelters.

Team Tundra (A - 8:45-9:00)

Sidney -  Michael Beards, Landon Bowie

Team Tundra.JPG

Team Tundra is developing a new, environmentally friendly filter to help ski resorts generate snow with less impact on the local environment.

Zoocast (A - 9:15-9:30)

BOCES-  Malik Griffith, Molly Speicher, James Redmore


We want to create an app that allows the viewers to stream their pets on a streaming service, and allows for people to come watch and foster a community around those pets. We want to raise awareness for animal care and we would like to donate our proceeds to these valiant efforts.

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