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Here are some samples from previous years

Omega Loft (C - 9:00-9:20)

Union Endicott - Amari Williams and Michael Hanrahan

Omega Loft Logo.JPG

Our Device is designed to allow individual people to move large appliances without needing to hire people to help them or rent large equipment to move their appliances.

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Rotten Reminder (C - 9:25-9:45)

Union Endicott - Olivia Guccia

Rotten Reminder Logo.JPG

Have you ever wondered if your milk has gone bad even though the date still says you have a few days left? Unfortunately, those dates are not always accurate. With a clear, reusable container that you can pour into your milk into, you will now know when it's gone bad. The color of the outside of the container will change color when the milk has spoiled, keeping you safe.

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AquaScout (C - 9:50-10:10)

Union Endicott - Jake Taylor and Josh Ellsworth

Aqua Scout Logo.JPG

AquaScout is the ultimate pool monitor. AquaScout is able to monitor your pool's water level and chemistry so you won't ever have to go out of your way again to check again. AquaScout will notify you when your pool needs adjustments through email or text.

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