STEAM Category

Group B - Judges (Colleen Barton & Kirk Armstrong )

RPM Robomowers (B - 8:30-8:45)

Maine Endwell - Payton Bennett, Curtis Robitaille, Jonny Morgan

RPM Robomowers.JPG

Our product is a self driving robotic lawn mower. The mower is similar in structure to a push mower without the handle. The engine will be electric instead of gas. The energy will be supplied through the home charging station with a solar panel for an alternate energy source. This mower can cut or trim your grass best suited for your liking using GPS tracking and optimal programming software. The product’s size is 30’’ x20’’ x12’’ and will be about 40 pounds. The lawn mower will be a distinct blue so it is easily connected to our brand. The mower can be programmed to work at specific times using the mobile app.

Elite (B - 8:45-9:00)

Maine Endwell - Justin Coleman, Gabe Thompson


Our lacrosse tracker is a one way ticket for your child to get to the next level on the lacrosse field. The tracker consists of two main parts, the app and the tracker itself, They will both work together as the tracker records you data such as shot speed, ball touches, and shot technique, and transfer it over to the app were it will record the data and show you how you can improve areas of your game which will get player to that next level of play that they desire.

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Air (B - 9:00-9:15)

BOCES New Visions - James Mullen, Areeb Majid, Sam Gates


For our Launch Pad idea, we decided to make a product that is related to STEAM. Considering this, we felt like the best idea for this event would be an over-the-air charger. It uses antennas to track areas with low power and creates waves that are converted to electrical energy. It can charge up to 5-watt batteries. This air charger will work from many meters away and charge multiple devices. With a device like this, we are nearing the future of a fully wireless, smart home.

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Solar Manipulation Project (SMP) (B - 9:15-9:30)

Sidney -  Jonathan McNamara, Anthony Morris, Ryan Secor

Solar Manipulation Project aims to increase the efficiency of residential solar panels by adding an aftermarket cooling system to installed solar systems.