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"The Southern Tier's future depends on innovation and these students will help our community reach its full potential."  

[ Dan Babcock, Founder and CEO of MMC ]

The Launch Pad Story

Launch Pad, the Greater Binghamton Start-up Challenge was founded in 2008 by Modern Marketing & Commerce in Binghamton, N.Y. under the initial name: The Greater Binghamton Scholastic Challenge. Dan Babcock, the founder and CEO of MMC wanted to encourage high school students to develop ideas and businesses that directly impact the community. Originally taking place as a live in-person event specific for Binghamton-area students, the program has recently expanded to a virtual platform to welcome participants state wide!


Students work with advisors and mentors to write comprehensive plans and present their ideas to a panel of business professionals at a competition in May. All participants have the opportunity to compete against their peers, win scholarships in several categories and even internship opportunities.

Launch Pad 2023 #MakeAnImpact

After 14 years of this program, we have seen a great deal of ideas, each unique to the person who created them. We have seen that when each student's differences and unique perspectives on the world are brought through this process that anyone truly has the ability to change the world. 


People often think, "why me" or "I can't do XYZ", but we encourage you to see your strengths as potential ideas! There is something different within everyone. We do not want ideas like everyone else. Be yourself. Be Creative. and #MakeAnImpact  


Meet the team


Rose Olsen

Director, GBEOP


Meg Rossi

Administrative Support Specialist, The Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce


Shamoy Dixon

Marketing Intern, The Agency


A non-profit affiliate organization of the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce, GBEOP’s main objective is to connect business and education within the community to develop a talent pipeline in order to inspire a sustainable, engaged workforce. GBEOP, which includes the Broome Leadership Institute, Junior Achievement and SPARK, wants to get its members more prepared for our area’s economic competitiveness.

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